Marinated Seaweed Original, 150g, 10/carton

Foodstuffs North Island SAP Code: 1343121

Foodstuffs South Island SAP Code: 3228131

Marinated seaweed is a perfectly balanced product with classic taste, which consists of laminar - natural complex of numerous vitamins and about 40 micro- and macro- elements - iodine, bromine, manganese, cobalt, zinc, magnesium, iron, potassium and others. Eaten in moderation, seaweed salad can be enjoyed without breaking the calorie bank.  

Marinated seaweed salad Chuka,150g, 14/carton

Foodstuffs North Island SAP Code: 5082158

Foodstuffs South Island SAP Code: 3228129

Salad from seaweed of Chuk is a unique product of traditional Japanese cuisine. It is prepared from undariya seaweed with addition of sesame sunflower seeds, a black wood mushroom and other ingredients. In Japanese cuisine to Chuk use as an independent dish, namely salad. Nut sauce very well approaches such salad. Also Chuk can add to beaters and sushi. Gentle and unusual taste of Chuka is loved by many gourmets, true judges of the East.