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Santa Bremor

Herring Fillets, Black Caviar, Salmon Caviar, Gourmet Fish Roe Spreads

Joint Belarusian-German venture Santa Bremor was founded in 1998, followed by a construction of a brand new high tech fish processing complex in 2001. Santa Bremor developed an innovative product capelin caviar in sauce, creating a unique signature product range of gourmet fish roe spreads, "CAVIAR CREAM".

Herring fillet products has been manufactured by the brand since 2008. New production line features modern Dutch and Iceland equipment, allowing processing ready-made herring fillets in a careful and delicate way with superior quality end results. This manufacturing process is unique to the brand and does not have any equivalents in Western Europe.

Santa Bremor also produces salmon caviar. The raw materials are supplied from Alaska and the Far East of Russia.

Black caviar is the latest premium addition to the wide, 500+ products range. Sturgeon caviar has always been expensive and exclusive delicacy, a symbol of luxury and gastronomic sophistication. Gourmets can count on consistently high quality of Santa Bremor black caviar - firm pearls of an optimal size that burst individually with the expected sturgeon pronounced taste.